Preventing Symptoms of Driver Fatigue with Massage

Chinese Massage Therapy

One of the biggest risk factors for car collission or other road accidents is being fatigued while driving. Imparing our ability to respond to sudden and dangerous situations. Over 30% of road crashes are considered to be related to driver fatigue. One of the biggest difficulties is assessing your own driving condition, while it is easier for another person to observe symptons of the driver for a more accurate evaluation. Many of the obvious may seem obvious to an observe but the lack of awareness is a totally different reality for the driver itself. Some symptonts include poor short term memory, nodding head, problems focusing attention to things, difficulty to open or rubbing of eyes, lane drifting and the list goes on and on.

Many suggest sleep, eating healthy food and exercise as good options to reduce fatigue. However, the fact is that most of the time when such dangerous situations arise, one does not have the possibility to care for their physical condition. In China however, we found out one of the most interesting and new ways to battle the issue with traditional massage techniques. This ancient form of massage can be used in many ways, to prevent fatigue or even cure it during a driving session. Some of these techniques can be done to oneself or received at a professional massage parlor. In fact, we have encouraged especially those working in the driving or trucking industry to receive massage therapy at least once a week to prevent dangerous situations and even increase well being in general.

Our very first insight and eye opener to TCM (also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine) was when we had an authentic Beijing foot massage in a beautiful spa in the city. For anyone who has a change to visit China please contact May Tours which is a professional tour guide service in the capital city of Beijing. They are able to show you a quality parlor where you can have an authentic experience with highly skillful, talented masseurs. This is no comparison to many of the establishments in the west which is why it’s a fantastic idea to get a good (and inexpensive) comparison in Beijing to how effective the real thing is.

When people hear of foot massage for example, they think of a relaxing session with a pretty woman. While this form of massage does exists, it’s usually what is available when looking for effective masseur professionals. Instead there is often the “no pain, equals to no gain” factor involved when acupuncture points on your feet are pressed, either with the hands or by using wooden tools for example. The fatigue reducing effects are not immediate but can be felt the strongest after a massage. This effect will reduce over a time, which is why frequent visits are recommended. Each part of your foot is linked to another part within the body, and a skillful masseur will be able to know exactly the points that need the most attention. Healing all kinds of illnesses and removing blocks from the body that create a holistic wellness within you that gives you vigor as well as strength for driving.

Another extremely popular form of Chinese massage is whole body massage. This is for those who have more time and want to concentrate their efforts in opening blocks within the body. It is considered by TCM that by opening muscle tensions, the driving posture is also fixed which will prevent the symptoms that are often caused by multiple factors.

Those who cannot afford to go all the way to Beijing, are suggested to look for recommendations elsewhere, or the keywords “chiropractic massage”, “traditional chinese massage”, “tuina massage” as well as “professional massage” are other good search term for finding quality service. Just go and try it out and see how driving feels afterwards, you just might become addicted to this wonderful new way to fight drivers fatigue!

Watch the introduction to one of the most heavenly spa and massage treatments at the heart of Beijing — worth every penny if you are visiting this wonderful city!

Aesthetic Tour-de-force on Highway of Beijing Nightlife: Red Theatre

Beijing Highway at Night

The story of a young man’s journey pursuing his dream to become a Kung Fu master. A spiritual path to be conquered for him to reach enlightenment, begins with him becoming a monk; facing many obstacles, both physical as well as in his own mind. How will he overcome his fears to become the Kung Fu master he is meant to be? The story of the martial art performance at the Red Theatre Beijing may be a bit of a cliché, although receiving a lot of praise for its impressive choreography and amazing feats of skill and fitness. Incorporating the ancient Chinese martial arts commonly referred to as Kung Fu, acrobatics and a touch of ballet, along with a magnificent score and smoke machines, the popular show is an aesthetic tour-de-force on the thrilling highway of Beijing nightlife.

Kung Fu is generally thought of as the traditional Chinese martial art more correctly called Wushu, literally meaning martial art in Mandarin. The Chinese term kung fu originally refers to any kind of activity involving patience, energy and skill often including some form of martial art. One could say that a person has a good kung fu in cooking or dancing, implying that the person in question has worked hard for the skills in that particular activity; with the term kung fu meaning “achievement of man” or “work and time/effort” depending on how the words are interpreted. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term kung fu as “a primarily unarmed Chinese martial art resembling karate”, giving the term a slightly different meaning in the west. Regarding the Kung Fu Show of the Red Theatre in Beijing, the term could be interpreted in either way, since the show includes work, time, effort and martial arts, or as referred to in China; Wushu.

The origin of the Chinese martial art is said to have its beginning in a legend, introduced by Huangdì, the Yellow Emperor, over 4000 years ago (around 2500 BC). Following a decisive victory against the Nine Li tribe and its leader Chiyou, the victory was celebrated by dramatizing the fight, leading to the birth of the Chinese art of wrestling “jǐao dǐ”; i.e. the traditional Chinese martial art. The evolution of “jǐao dǐ” split into two different paths, one evolving into the Chinese form of acrobatics, “zá jì”, and the other into wushu, later becoming the famous Shaolin style of kung fu.

The Kung Fu Show of the Red Theatre in Beijing is described by many as an impressive show of acrobatics and ballet; a world class performance. Still, the martial art part of the show has received mixed reviews; some describing it as a wonderful display of kung-fu wushu, others complaining about the weak story, strong presence of ballet and hilarious American English voiceovers, comparing it to a child’s play rather than a fully-fledged martial arts show. Most visitors rate the show highly, praising the entertaining theatrics and talented performers, making the Red Theatre well worth a visit for car lovers and tourists alike. Considered a must if spending any amount of days in Beijing, China.

Driving regards,
Car Hire In Global // Franscisco M.

Success of Car Part Trade Through Alibaba & AliExpress

AliExpress Automobile

It’s time to introduce one of our most beneficial partnerships to the world of Chinese manufacture, now mostly thanks to the AliExpress & Alibaba retailer shopping platforms. If it’s any product related to cars, you will find it. So do jump in and get to know this amazing digital world of Chinese e-commerce!

From Cars to Riches

The company Alibaba has slowly but sure made its way to become one of the most powerful and most visited ecommerce websites around. Selling anything from car parts to cars themselves. Today Alibaba is an entire group of companies formally called Alibaba Group Holding Limited but it humbly began in 1999 when Jack Ma started to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers. Consequently this move created a significant amount of private car repair, and part companies because of increased availability through a free market. The biggest turn of events however, was with the creating of AliExpress which enabled car owners to purchase parts and install everything by themselves without going through a middle man, more about that later in the article!

According to the company, their goal was to champion small businesses in China and help them to grow and compete more effectively in the domestic and global economies. The Internet has levelled the playing field by enabling small enterprises to leverage technology to grow and compete in new markets. It certainly seems as if they have succeeded in their in both their mission and profitability. On September 19, 2014 when the company had its initial public offering (IPO), Alibaba’s market value was measured as US$231 billion.

Alibaba Companies and Affiliates

The Alibaba Group operates various businesses and also derives support from the businesses and services of related and affiliated companies. Their major businesses, related companies and affiliates include:, Taobao,, Juhuansuan, eTao, Alipay, Alibaba Cloud Computing, AliExpress, China Yahoo!, Aliwangwang, Laiwang, Alibaba Pictures, Youku Tudou, 11 Main, Alibab R&D institute, Xia Mi, Global Biz Circle, and As you can see, this company has expanded to quite an empire of diverse companies which includes business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer operations. Out of these business, three of the most successful ones for Alibaba are: Tmall, a site focused on China’s middle class and the sales of branded goods online; Taobao, China’s biggest shopping site; and, an ecommerce site which connects companies from all over the world with Chinese exporters in the English language.

The Rise of AliExpress

One of the group’s most popular sites to date is the business-to-consumer site, which is especially popular amongst car owners on a global scale. In fact AliExpress the most visited ecommerce site in Russia. Despite the platform being connected to Chinese retailers, you may see this: English guide for information on how to make purchases there from any part of the world.

It is expected to expand further, as it continues to draw in bargain shoppers from all over the world. Not just car parts, but anything imaginable that is being produced to date in China. However, despite its popularity the ecommerce site still has a lot of room to grow in international markets. According to the Wall Street Journal “The company’s international commerce business is still relatively small, accounting for about 9% of Alibaba’s $8.46 billion in revenue for the March-ended fiscal year, but founder Jack Ma, a former English teacher, has long had global ambitions”. Although the site was originally designed for wholesale purchases, many consumers have started using it to make small personal purchases. As the credibility of the site increases along with the growing demand for cheaper goods and the growing number of Internet shoppers in several languages including English, the future looks very bright for AliExpress.

As for the rest of Alibaba Group Holding Limited, according to Forbes, “Alibaba – through its various sites – hosted $248 billion of online shopping transactions in 2013, which is, according to the Wall Street Journal, more than eBay and combined”. That is a major accomplishment, establishing Alibaba as an e-commerce powerhouse on a global scale. If the company continues on this trajectory, the sky is the limit for Alibaba.

Hope this inspired to get to know this popular platform and to become more familiar with the benefits. We have found many great partners for Car Hire In from AliExpress, and will continue to do business there in the future. Do not forget to check out the brilliant guide for using the online store in English!

Driving regards,
Car Hire In Global // Franscisco M.


Looking Back, Driving Forward!

Driving Forward in Shanghai

Looking back on our trip to China, these were memorable times. And the business that we created around cars, driving, rental and the whole hire-in experience was a complete success. Just like with making cars, you need the best unity of parts from all over the world to create the whole, the complete. Just like with acrobatic shows, one needs to have patience to make the best. These are the people we like, perhaps because it also reminds of ourselves at team.

Be it Shanghai, Beijing or anywhere else in China. We will be back because we have put our roots in there. It’s a special destination for us because of it’s uniqueness and if something we value is the difference. Driving through the country, learning the hard way. Now that was simply fantastic. Not to mention the acrobatic shows, the nightlife which blew our minds. In fact, it’s really a good point which we realise over and over again. That driving is not just about driving, it’s all about driving forward. To new destinations, where not just everything is the car. As humbly as we could ever put that, it is simply a medium but an important one as such. Equally we aknowledge that there are plenty of places in this world, where they are not that convenient. But without a doubt, China is one of those countries if you are looking to have an exploration of a life time. One of our future dreams, is to go to smaller villages looking for more unique and peculiar acrobatics, circus and other show performance venues. In short, it’s an endless world to explore.

Sometimes we feel like running a travel company, instead of an automobile rental business. These two are very similar, except that travel is something that you often look back to. But when you see that particular car brand that you were using back then, it triggers those memories. This association as well like to call it, is a powerful one indeed. Especially in a city like Shanghai or Beijing, the modern cars are seen in equally western countries. This means, more associations and strong feelings towards your memories.

Now, we are thinking how can we put that all into use and develop the ultimate guide. Business has been good for us, and as stated it’s not our main objective anymore. This should be the natural progression of a firm, to go forward in places it has never been to. Helping consumers with such a sincere mind is what actually yields equally great profits. Something that many business people fail to recognize, but over the years it’s becoming more and more clear to us. Also we want to lower the prices, not just for the sake of renting cars cheap, but because we want to modernize the industry. There are many cost efficient ways of doing things, while at the same time considering the benefits of nature. Cleaner environment means happier experiences using the car medium to enjoy that environment. That’s really the way we feel strongly about. Just as the acrobatics in China!

Best regards & more insight coming soon,
Car Hire In Global // Franscisco M.

Electric Car Rental & Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics in Beijing

Glowing Chaoyang Theatre Building

This post explains about our trip to the capital city of China, Beijing. Which btw. was full of surprises from interesting car driving habits that were different to Shanghai, and the amazing acrobatic show in Chaoyang Theatre. But more about that later, so please read on!

As hopefully became evident from our previous post about Shanghai, we really had a blast enjoying the nightlife there with our luxury rented cars. We forgot to mention that we were very impressed how the whole car hire in process could be accomplished in fluent English. In fact, we did have a translator with us because we were sure that there might be some difficulties with communication. Oh boy we were so wrong about that and the staff at the car rental office spoke excellent English that made us feel very comfortable. Business as usual for them I guess! Having said that, the experience in Beijing after our visit to Shanghai was not exactly as smooth. Yes, there were some staff that spoke English but since now we were feeling so confident that we don’t need a translator.. of course that’s when you really need them. Sometimes things go that way, kind of like when you have a broken engine in the middle of the road. You need to be prepared for a plan b, even if you didn’t plan for it.

What was different to our style this time, is that we rented an electric vehicle. It was one beauty of a car that ran very smoothly, known as model “eQ EV”, by Chery. This Lithium ion powered vechicle made in 2014 was small but perfect for getting around anywhere we wanted in the city. It even had the kind of futuristic look that we actually prefer for electric cars, so that people can recognise that we are driving one. The reason we went “ecological”, is that Beijing has a tremendous problem with car pollution and other pollution as well. The PM2.5 numbers are pretty high most of the days, and we definitely didn’t want to add anything more to the thig smog. Or at least that is what we though, but probably since the car used electricity we might of contributed to it indirectly. Well we did our best and just tried this option at the least.. and it was terrific fun.

Then we just needed someplace to drive to, and after having such a blast in Shanghai.. just as equally we wanted to visit the Beijing nightlife. We did our research and discovered that the acrobatics at Chaoyang Theatre seems like something everyone were exited about. Indeed, when we arrived there it was extremely difficult to find a parking place. Perhaps something that is common in the city, we don’t know.. but it was a good idea to arrive early. Especially since we had booked discount tickets in advanced, for which you had to arrive to the theatre at your earliest convenience inorder to get good seats. They had different sections, and of course we got the VIP tickes. This was going to be an experience of a life time… which it definitely was.

Our love for the acrobatics in China has been growing over time.. and in Beijing it came to a sort of a peak. The acrobatic troupe “Peking Acrobats”, was something that totally made us forget about cars for a moment and enjoy our assess with the magical performance. With all the amazing coreography, dance, beautiful wardrobe and of course the mind boggling feats.. we were set for the night. It could not have been perfect and it was all thanks to the magical ride through the glowing and blinking city… which all ended up with the Chaoyang Theatre highlight as well as a traditional Peking Duck dinner of course!! If you want to catch some glimpses of this brilliant show, do check out the Show Beijing YouTube channel where they have trailers and theater highlights from the city. It’s sometimes hard to describe how we felt, it’s like you need to listen to the same music we were listening at the acrobtic show, and in our car while driving through Chaoyang District.

Well recommended city, with the most lovely people and interesting streets to drive in. Don’t miss Beijing, love it and it will love you back!!!

Franscisco F.

Most Challenging Country to Drive a Car

Driving in Beijing

We got this question from one of our readers and really started to think about it. Curiously enough, we couldn’t think of an answer. I guess because over the years our job has been to tackle the difficulties instead of complain about them.. we feel like all the problems on the road in any country can be overcome with a simple enthusiasm for understanding the way things work. Once you learn the ropes, there is just nothing that can stop you and with the usual safety rules applied you are just fine. So in that sense, this question was rather difficult for us but we gave it a thought anyway.

We could say, that China has been pretty challenging for us. Even at a later part in our careers, entering the Chinese market we found out that there was an abundance in traffic violations. I guess what the problem in China is, that regulations are not enforced very well. We didn’t see any rampant corruption or bribery, but neither did we see much enforcing of traffic rules either. So it’s really one of those environments where you can expect anything to happen, which of course is a good driving school for anyone. Not being able to expect unforseen situations can be dangerous for a driver.

But in China it’s sometimes hard to grasp the driving style and blend into it. With plenty of anger on the road, we have been shouted at several times. At first we were kind of stunned by it, until we were told by the locals that it doesn’t matter if you drive well or not.. to get shouted at is a common day occurence in China. Especially in the city of Beijing, the roads are so crowded that probably seeing a foreign driver taking up valuable road space is not always welcomes. This doesn’t meen the you don’t have the right to invade the streets, it’s better to experience this stuff first hand and the lessons learned have been valuable as always! Just obsticles that are extremely rewarding when you come over them.

Chinese Car Industy a Thriving Prospect in Business

Road in China

Our trip in China was more than amazing, and we cant wait to tell you more about it. But as for business, we have decided to go back to the scene as consultants rather than the risk takers ourselves. We realised that China is filled with those, who are willing to put their blood on the line of creating awesome car rental services for foreigners, as well as the Chinese themselves. It’s great to see such dedication and entrepreneurship spirit, something that we used to have when we were very young. Now becoming older has created different kinds of opportunities, and we want to support those who want to start the journey fresh.

It’s really a strike of a miracle that we did endup in China, one of the last places in the world that we had not covered with out car-hire-in concept. Now we can say that it was great destiny that brought us to this opportunity at this time of our careers. There is great meaning is ending up there, where others are starting out.

You could say we were getting a little bored with the western market, and felt like the exitement is not just there. Well of course this is not all true, but as professionals we are attracted to the highest tied in possible. Now the big cities of China are enjoying this wave, that we have come to give our blessing to.

Besides, Chinese car manufacturers have developed in amazing lengths too. With companies such as BYD Auto, Chery, Dongfeng, Foton, Gonow and Shaanxi Automobile Group to name a few. There is little to go wrong with in support of entrepreneurship in the country.

Just wanted to throw our word in and say we back you all the way. In short, we couldn’t be more excited!

Franscisco F.

Car Hire Goes to The Shanghai Nightlife Magnificence

Roads to Nightlife in Shanghai

We could not stay home and were practically lured in by the sheer temptation of the Chinese nightlife. Reading travel magazines related to cars, one of the most interesting newcomers we are constantly bumping into is China. And within China especially not just Beijing, but the modern and developed city of Shanghai. If you would leave the image up to all the articles we’ve read, it sounded like Shanghai would be a city filled with fancy cars, such as Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari for example. And all that mixed with some local traffic of cheap vehicles ranging from rickshaws to camels.

We’ll, we at ‘car-hire-in’ don’t just believe everything we read. Instead we want to experience things for ourselves. Having quite some experience, if there is one thing we have learned, it’s that there is no way to have such expectations as a lot of the media is creating. Usually it’s going to be totally different when you are actually behind the car wheel. This time it wasn’t going to be any different, in fact from China we could only expect something very radical that we are maybe not used to. Or maybe not.

On our arrival, we did notice a very fancy airport and some high buildings around. But as you enter the city with the high speed railway.. you begin to realise that this is still something very Chinese. Obviously money has been spent into a lot of construction, but it’s obvious that the wealth has a very limited range. But since we are westerners and we are there to learn driving culture with “nice cars”, that’s what we focused on during this trip. And the other important thing, which was the Shanghai Nightlife that was eagerly waiting for us!

So naturally, everyone needs a friend for the ride to show the local way and Show Shanghai seemed like the perfect match for us. They understand us (the westerners), and we strive to understand them (the Chinese). No language barriers, just enjoying and experiencing first hand.

First order of business was to rent a “Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Coupe” which would be just right for our needs. Then wait for the sun to set, and venture out to the night in Shanghai! It was a beautiful experience, with lights flicking all around us. Going from restaurant, to restaurant, bars and the like. Parking was an issue, that we overcame with a little bit of Chinese intuition.

We visited some show life as well, our favourite was the acrobatics that fit our plan like a nose in our heads. In Shanghai there are several acrobatic night shows, and only the folks at Show Shanghai could show us the best there is. Yes, that’s exactly what we wanted, the best. And if there is one city that can offer that it is Shanghai. Especially when it comes to nightlife, it was the craziest we had ever seen. Towards the later end of the night, we just had to abandon our car and go on foot to get to a penthouse party. Everyone seemed to agree, that the acrobatics was very impressive, and we decided to go to another one the next day. They called it “Shanghai Centre Theatre”, and it seemed like from a dream. With fountains pouring from every side and the entrance way was like some lift up to heaven. It’s hard to explain really, but we were more than impressed.

Overall, Shanghai had proved out to be a fun place with plenty of the modern. That’s just not all there is, and you have to make some tough choices to get around the city. Having a car can be a nuisance or it can be a challenge that’s ultimately a lot of fun. Taxies are super cheap too, but we wouldn’t recommend them to just anyone. Just better avoid the subway as it can get really crowded and uncomfortable at times.

Catch us again, for another travel episode of the Car Hire in Global.

Thanks for reading,
Franscisco Fernandez

Bringing out the Benefits of Car Hiring

Car Hiring Benefits

When traveling in foreign countries, having the freedom of your own car has a lot of benefits. But it’s not all walking on top of roses. Depending on the country, one might have difficulties adjusting to the local driving culture and environment. But then again, we believe that some of these obstacles are what makes a great adventure, a learning experience that is hopefully rewarding.

Understanding all this, we always thought that is is our job to help people cross the boundary of driving culture. For us it’s passion and to be able to bring such rewarding experiences to clients is what makes us motivated. Time and time again, our business has become more popular and famous just by the word of mouth. Bringing a special quality in service is worth it, just for the financial benefits of business.

All this covers things like minimizing risks, having the right partners that we can trust and knowledge of how to drive on the roads. We do extensive travels and trips, in many locations and countries around the world. Just to have the experience of driving. You could say, that we go every step of the way to go the hard way so that our customers would not need to. Just because it’s what we love to do.

This is one of the central messages our business is trying to spread. And for all those people who have accepted our model, we want to thank you for spreading the good word. It is mainly thanks to them that we have been hugely successful. While the company itself has transformed and is no longer what it used to be. We still have that same spirit with us, and it will hopefully carry on in the form of this blog. Also other companies who want to learn the ropes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to bring out the benefits of car hiring for everyone.

Thanks very much,
Franscisco Fernandez

Global Phenomena of Cars

Parked Ferrari Cars

Most of us have noticed, how cars have dominated the world. At an average speed of 100km per hour, we are going fast in development and slow in traditional fuel replacements. A sort of ecological thinking has become relevant, and not just in the wealthy countries but it’s a global phenomenon at large.

One proof of that is the global scale itself. It is no longer a question of being ecologic or not, it’s a question of survival of both our world and it’s economy. Cars will not run on petroleum for ever and ever, this is fact that is well known already. But at the same time there are issues of pollution and so on. So in a way, it’s a good thing or is it.

We at Cars Hire In, have given this a lot of thought. Always we wanted to bring forth and support technology that would be beneficial for the whole globe. But it’s not an easy decision to back up one entity and dismiss another. Everything has it’s good and the bad, and when it comes to new fuel projects and cars you have to be extremely careful. I guess, that’s why we have concentrated on more traditional methods of reducing exhaustion, such as car filters and other basic necessities.

But rest assured, we will be keeping an eye and tell you when big decision are made. In fact, we have made some very interesting discoveries in the past that we want to share with you all on our new blog. But that will have to wait a little. Either way, we have decided to present to you all kinds of interesting car news too. Stuff, that is important to us.

Take care & see you soon!

Francisco “Franc” Fernandez