Car Hire Goes to The Shanghai Nightlife Magnificence

Roads to Nightlife in Shanghai

We could not stay home and were practically lured in by the sheer temptation of the Chinese nightlife. Reading travel magazines related to cars, one of the most interesting newcomers we are constantly bumping into is China. And within China especially not just Beijing, but the modern and developed city of Shanghai. If you would leave the image up to all the articles we’ve read, it sounded like Shanghai would be a city filled with fancy cars, such as Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari for example. And all that mixed with some local traffic of cheap vehicles ranging from rickshaws to camels.

We’ll, we at ‘car-hire-in’ don’t just believe everything we read. Instead we want to experience things for ourselves. Having quite some experience, if there is one thing we have learned, it’s that there is no way to have such expectations as a lot of the media is creating. Usually it’s going to be totally different when you are actually behind the car wheel. This time it wasn’t going to be any different, in fact from China we could only expect something very radical that we are maybe not used to. Or maybe not.

On our arrival, we did notice a very fancy airport and some high buildings around. But as you enter the city with the high speed railway.. you begin to realise that this is still something very Chinese. Obviously money has been spent into a lot of construction, but it’s obvious that the wealth has a very limited range. But since we are westerners and we are there to learn driving culture with “nice cars”, that’s what we focused on during this trip. And the other important thing, which was the Shanghai Nightlife that was eagerly waiting for us!

So naturally, everyone needs a friend for the ride to show the local way and Show Shanghai seemed like the perfect match for us. They understand us (the westerners), and we strive to understand them (the Chinese). No language barriers, just enjoying and experiencing first hand.

First order of business was to rent a “Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Coupe” which would be just right for our needs. Then wait for the sun to set, and venture out to the night in Shanghai! It was a beautiful experience, with lights flicking all around us. Going from restaurant, to restaurant, bars and the like. Parking was an issue, that we overcame with a little bit of Chinese intuition.

We visited some show life as well, our favourite was the acrobatics that fit our plan like a nose in our heads. In Shanghai there are several acrobatic night shows, and only the folks at Show Shanghai could show us the best there is. Yes, that’s exactly what we wanted, the best. And if there is one city that can offer that it is Shanghai. Especially when it comes to nightlife, it was the craziest we had ever seen. Towards the later end of the night, we just had to abandon our car and go on foot to get to a penthouse party. Everyone seemed to agree, that the acrobatics was very impressive, and we decided to go to another one the next day. They called it “Shanghai Centre Theatre”, and it seemed like from a dream. With fountains pouring from every side and the entrance way was like some lift up to heaven. It’s hard to explain really, but we were more than impressed.

Overall, Shanghai had proved out to be a fun place with plenty of the modern. That’s just not all there is, and you have to make some tough choices to get around the city. Having a car can be a nuisance or it can be a challenge that’s ultimately a lot of fun. Taxies are super cheap too, but we wouldn’t recommend them to just anyone. Just better avoid the subway as it can get really crowded and uncomfortable at times.

Catch us again, for another travel episode of the Car Hire in Global.

Thanks for reading,
Franscisco Fernandez