Chinese Car Industy a Thriving Prospect in Business

Road in China

Our trip in China was more than amazing, and we cant wait to tell you more about it. But as for business, we have decided to go back to the scene as consultants rather than the risk takers ourselves. We realised that China is filled with those, who are willing to put their blood on the line of creating awesome car rental services for foreigners, as well as the Chinese themselves. It’s great to see such dedication and entrepreneurship spirit, something that we used to have when we were very young. Now becoming older has created different kinds of opportunities, and we want to support those who want to start the journey fresh.

It’s really a strike of a miracle that we did endup in China, one of the last places in the world that we had not covered with out car-hire-in concept. Now we can say that it was great destiny that brought us to this opportunity at this time of our careers. There is great meaning is ending up there, where others are starting out.

You could say we were getting a little bored with the western market, and felt like the exitement is not just there. Well of course this is not all true, but as professionals we are attracted to the highest tied in possible. Now the big cities of China are enjoying this wave, that we have come to give our blessing to.

Besides, Chinese car manufacturers have developed in amazing lengths too. With companies such as BYD Auto, Chery, Dongfeng, Foton, Gonow and Shaanxi Automobile Group to name a few. There is little to go wrong with in support of entrepreneurship in the country.

Just wanted to throw our word in and say we back you all the way. In short, we couldn’t be more excited!

Franscisco F.