Electric Car Rental & Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics in Beijing

Glowing Chaoyang Theatre Building

This post explains about our trip to the capital city of China, Beijing. Which btw. was full of surprises from interesting car driving habits that were different to Shanghai, and the amazing acrobatic show in Chaoyang Theatre. But more about that later, so please read on!

As hopefully became evident from our previous post about Shanghai, we really had a blast enjoying the nightlife there with our luxury rented cars. We forgot to mention that we were very impressed how the whole car hire in process could be accomplished in fluent English. In fact, we did have a translator with us because we were sure that there might be some difficulties with communication. Oh boy we were so wrong about that and the staff at the car rental office spoke excellent English that made us feel very comfortable. Business as usual for them I guess! Having said that, the experience in Beijing after our visit to Shanghai was not exactly as smooth. Yes, there were some staff that spoke English but since now we were feeling so confident that we don’t need a translator.. of course that’s when you really need them. Sometimes things go that way, kind of like when you have a broken engine in the middle of the road. You need to be prepared for a plan b, even if you didn’t plan for it.

What was different to our style this time, is that we rented an electric vehicle. It was one beauty of a car that ran very smoothly, known as model “eQ EV”, by Chery. This Lithium ion powered vechicle made in 2014 was small but perfect for getting around anywhere we wanted in the city. It even had the kind of futuristic look that we actually prefer for electric cars, so that people can recognise that we are driving one. The reason we went “ecological”, is that Beijing has a tremendous problem with car pollution and other pollution as well. The PM2.5 numbers are pretty high most of the days, and we definitely didn’t want to add anything more to the thig smog. Or at least that is what we though, but probably since the car used electricity we might of contributed to it indirectly. Well we did our best and just tried this option at the least.. and it was terrific fun.

Then we just needed someplace to drive to, and after having such a blast in Shanghai.. just as equally we wanted to visit the Beijing nightlife. We did our research and discovered that the acrobatics at Chaoyang Theatre seems like something everyone were exited about. Indeed, when we arrived there it was extremely difficult to find a parking place. Perhaps something that is common in the city, we don’t know.. but it was a good idea to arrive early. Especially since we had booked discount tickets in advanced, for which you had to arrive to the theatre at your earliest convenience inorder to get good seats. They had different sections, and of course we got the VIP tickes. This was going to be an experience of a life time… which it definitely was.

Our love for the acrobatics in China has been growing over time.. and in Beijing it came to a sort of a peak. The acrobatic troupe “Peking Acrobats”, was something that totally made us forget about cars for a moment and enjoy our assess with the magical performance. With all the amazing coreography, dance, beautiful wardrobe and of course the mind boggling feats.. we were set for the night. It could not have been perfect and it was all thanks to the magical ride through the glowing and blinking city… which all ended up with the Chaoyang Theatre highlight as well as a traditional Peking Duck dinner of course!! If you want to catch some glimpses of this brilliant show, do check out the Show Beijing YouTube channel where they have trailers and theater highlights from the city. It’s sometimes hard to describe how we felt, it’s like you need to listen to the same music we were listening at the acrobtic show, and in our car while driving through Chaoyang District.

Well recommended city, with the most lovely people and interesting streets to drive in. Don’t miss Beijing, love it and it will love you back!!!

Franscisco F.

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  1. This sounds like a true adventure in Beijing. Love to hear what kind of travels fellow drivers are doing and the acrobatics show sounds absolutely amazing of course! Keep it up with the fantastic writings on your blog.

    • Love to hear that David. Our adventure is your adventure. We are looking forward to our next visit to Beijing. Especially the car-scene there is going forward really fast. Thanks.

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