Looking Back, Driving Forward!

Driving Forward in Shanghai

Looking back on our trip to China, these were memorable times. And the business that we created around cars, driving, rental and the whole hire-in experience was a complete success. Just like with making cars, you need the best unity of parts from all over the world to create the whole, the complete. Just like with acrobatic shows, one needs to have patience to make the best. These are the people we like, perhaps because it also reminds of ourselves at car-hire-in.org team.

Be it Shanghai, Beijing or anywhere else in China. We will be back because we have put our roots in there. It’s a special destination for us because of it’s uniqueness and if something we value is the difference. Driving through the country, learning the hard way. Now that was simply fantastic. Not to mention the acrobatic shows, the nightlife which blew our minds. In fact, it’s really a good point which we realise over and over again. That driving is not just about driving, it’s all about driving forward. To new destinations, where not just everything is the car. As humbly as we could ever put that, it is simply a medium but an important one as such. Equally we aknowledge that there are plenty of places in this world, where they are not that convenient. But without a doubt, China is one of those countries if you are looking to have an exploration of a life time. One of our future dreams, is to go to smaller villages looking for more unique and peculiar acrobatics, circus and other show performance venues. In short, it’s an endless world to explore.

Sometimes we feel like running a travel company, instead of an automobile rental business. These two are very similar, except that travel is something that you often look back to. But when you see that particular car brand that you were using back then, it triggers those memories. This association as well like to call it, is a powerful one indeed. Especially in a city like Shanghai or Beijing, the modern cars are seen in equally western countries. This means, more associations and strong feelings towards your memories.

Now, we are thinking how can we put that all into use and develop the ultimate guide. Business has been good for us, and as stated it’s not our main objective anymore. This should be the natural progression of a firm, to go forward in places it has never been to. Helping consumers with such a sincere mind is what actually yields equally great profits. Something that many business people fail to recognize, but over the years it’s becoming more and more clear to us. Also we want to lower the prices, not just for the sake of renting cars cheap, but because we want to modernize the industry. There are many cost efficient ways of doing things, while at the same time considering the benefits of nature. Cleaner environment means happier experiences using the car medium to enjoy that environment. That’s really the way we feel strongly about. Just as the acrobatics in China!

Best regards & more insight coming soon,
Car Hire In Global // Franscisco M.