Most Challenging Country to Drive a Car

Driving in Beijing

We got this question from one of our readers and really started to think about it. Curiously enough, we couldn’t think of an answer. I guess because over the years our job has been to tackle the difficulties instead of complain about them.. we feel like all the problems on the road in any country can be overcome with a simple enthusiasm for understanding the way things work. Once you learn the ropes, there is just nothing that can stop you and with the usual safety rules applied you are just fine. So in that sense, this question was rather difficult for us but we gave it a thought anyway.

We could say, that China has been pretty challenging for us. Even at a later part in our careers, entering the Chinese market we found out that there was an abundance in traffic violations. I guess what the problem in China is, that regulations are not enforced very well. We didn’t see any rampant corruption or bribery, but neither did we see much enforcing of traffic rules either. So it’s really one of those environments where you can expect anything to happen, which of course is a good driving school for anyone. Not being able to expect unforseen situations can be dangerous for a driver.

But in China it’s sometimes hard to grasp the driving style and blend into it. With plenty of anger on the road, we have been shouted at several times. At first we were kind of stunned by it, until we were told by the locals that it doesn’t matter if you drive well or not.. to get shouted at is a common day occurence in China. Especially in the city of Beijing, the roads are so crowded that probably seeing a foreign driver taking up valuable road space is not always welcomes. This doesn’t meen the you don’t have the right to invade the streets, it’s better to experience this stuff first hand and the lessons learned have been valuable as always! Just obsticles that are extremely rewarding when you come over them.

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  1. That’s interesting, if I would ever drive in China.. I would definitely ask for your guidance about it. Thanks 🙂 –Justin

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