Preventing Symptoms of Driver Fatigue with Massage

Chinese Massage Therapy

One of the biggest risk factors for car collission or other road accidents is being fatigued while driving. Imparing our ability to respond to sudden and dangerous situations. Over 30% of road crashes are considered to be related to driver fatigue. One of the biggest difficulties is assessing your own driving condition, while it is easier for another person to observe symptons of the driver for a more accurate evaluation. Many of the obvious may seem obvious to an observe but the lack of awareness is a totally different reality for the driver itself. Some symptonts include poor short term memory, nodding head, problems focusing attention to things, difficulty to open or rubbing of eyes, lane drifting and the list goes on and on.

Many suggest sleep, eating healthy food and exercise as good options to reduce fatigue. However, the fact is that most of the time when such dangerous situations arise, one does not have the possibility to care for their physical condition. In China however, we found out one of the most interesting and new ways to battle the issue with traditional massage techniques. This ancient form of massage can be used in many ways, to prevent fatigue or even cure it during a driving session. Some of these techniques can be done to oneself or received at a professional massage parlor. In fact, we have encouraged especially those working in the driving or trucking industry to receive massage therapy at least once a week to prevent dangerous situations and even increase well being in general.

Our very first insight and eye opener to TCM (also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine) was when we had an authentic Beijing foot massage in a beautiful spa in the city. For anyone who has a change to visit China please contact May Tours which is a professional tour guide service in the capital city of Beijing. They are able to show you a quality parlor where you can have an authentic experience with highly skillful, talented masseurs. This is no comparison to many of the establishments in the west which is why it’s a fantastic idea to get a good (and inexpensive) comparison in Beijing to how effective the real thing is.

When people hear of foot massage for example, they think of a relaxing session with a pretty woman. While this form of massage does exists, it’s usually what is available when looking for effective masseur professionals. Instead there is often the “no pain, equals to no gain” factor involved when acupuncture points on your feet are pressed, either with the hands or by using wooden tools for example. The fatigue reducing effects are not immediate but can be felt the strongest after a massage. This effect will reduce over a time, which is why frequent visits are recommended. Each part of your foot is linked to another part within the body, and a skillful masseur will be able to know exactly the points that need the most attention. Healing all kinds of illnesses and removing blocks from the body that create a holistic wellness within you that gives you vigor as well as strength for driving.

Another extremely popular form of Chinese massage is whole body massage. This is for those who have more time and want to concentrate their efforts in opening blocks within the body. It is considered by TCM that by opening muscle tensions, the driving posture is also fixed which will prevent the symptoms that are often caused by multiple factors.

Those who cannot afford to go all the way to Beijing, are suggested to look for recommendations elsewhere, or the keywords “chiropractic massage”, “traditional chinese massage”, “tuina massage” as well as “professional massage” are other good search term for finding quality service. Just go and try it out and see how driving feels afterwards, you just might become addicted to this wonderful new way to fight drivers fatigue!

Watch the introduction to one of the most heavenly spa and massage treatments at the heart of Beijing — worth every penny if you are visiting this wonderful city!

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  1. Excellent post, I will most definitely try this out when I have the opportunity. Unfortunately these kinds of spas and parlors in the US are surely not as affordable as in China. But I will try to find one. Thanks!


    • So glad to hear that. It is surely worth a try at least. We believe that the cost is still relatively small compared to driving safety. Have fun.

  2. Awesome post and probably the best advice I’ve heard on driver fatigue for a rather long time. Will be looking for a quality masseur from my area to try it out. Thanks.

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