Success of Car Part Trade Through Alibaba & AliExpress

AliExpress Automobile

It’s time to introduce one of our most beneficial partnerships to the world of Chinese manufacture, now mostly thanks to the AliExpress & Alibaba retailer shopping platforms. If it’s any product related to cars, you will find it. So do jump in and get to know this amazing digital world of Chinese e-commerce!

From Cars to Riches

The company Alibaba has slowly but sure made its way to become one of the most powerful and most visited ecommerce websites around. Selling anything from car parts to cars themselves. Today Alibaba is an entire group of companies formally called Alibaba Group Holding Limited but it humbly began in 1999 when Jack Ma started to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers. Consequently this move created a significant amount of private car repair, and part companies because of increased availability through a free market. The biggest turn of events however, was with the creating of AliExpress which enabled car owners to purchase parts and install everything by themselves without going through a middle man, more about that later in the article!

According to the company, their goal was to champion small businesses in China and help them to grow and compete more effectively in the domestic and global economies. The Internet has levelled the playing field by enabling small enterprises to leverage technology to grow and compete in new markets. It certainly seems as if they have succeeded in their in both their mission and profitability. On September 19, 2014 when the company had its initial public offering (IPO), Alibaba’s market value was measured as US$231 billion.

Alibaba Companies and Affiliates

The Alibaba Group operates various businesses and also derives support from the businesses and services of related and affiliated companies. Their major businesses, related companies and affiliates include:, Taobao,, Juhuansuan, eTao, Alipay, Alibaba Cloud Computing, AliExpress, China Yahoo!, Aliwangwang, Laiwang, Alibaba Pictures, Youku Tudou, 11 Main, Alibab R&D institute, Xia Mi, Global Biz Circle, and As you can see, this company has expanded to quite an empire of diverse companies which includes business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer operations. Out of these business, three of the most successful ones for Alibaba are: Tmall, a site focused on China’s middle class and the sales of branded goods online; Taobao, China’s biggest shopping site; and, an ecommerce site which connects companies from all over the world with Chinese exporters in the English language.

The Rise of AliExpress

One of the group’s most popular sites to date is the business-to-consumer site, which is especially popular amongst car owners on a global scale. In fact AliExpress the most visited ecommerce site in Russia. Despite the platform being connected to Chinese retailers, you may see this: English guide for information on how to make purchases there from any part of the world.

It is expected to expand further, as it continues to draw in bargain shoppers from all over the world. Not just car parts, but anything imaginable that is being produced to date in China. However, despite its popularity the ecommerce site still has a lot of room to grow in international markets. According to the Wall Street Journal “The company’s international commerce business is still relatively small, accounting for about 9% of Alibaba’s $8.46 billion in revenue for the March-ended fiscal year, but founder Jack Ma, a former English teacher, has long had global ambitions”. Although the site was originally designed for wholesale purchases, many consumers have started using it to make small personal purchases. As the credibility of the site increases along with the growing demand for cheaper goods and the growing number of Internet shoppers in several languages including English, the future looks very bright for AliExpress.

As for the rest of Alibaba Group Holding Limited, according to Forbes, “Alibaba – through its various sites – hosted $248 billion of online shopping transactions in 2013, which is, according to the Wall Street Journal, more than eBay and combined”. That is a major accomplishment, establishing Alibaba as an e-commerce powerhouse on a global scale. If the company continues on this trajectory, the sky is the limit for Alibaba.

Hope this inspired to get to know this popular platform and to become more familiar with the benefits. We have found many great partners for Car Hire In from AliExpress, and will continue to do business there in the future. Do not forget to check out the brilliant guide for using the online store in English!

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